Need Assistance?
The Animal Relief Fund pays for many services that may be needed for your beloved pets beyond the necessity of food.  Some services paid for include: Emergency Pet Food Assistance, Spay/Neuter Assistance​, and Emergency Vet Care​.  Services are not limited to dogs and cats, but are extend to any animal that is in your care (with the exception of wildlife).  Click here for spay/neuter vouchers for Sierra County residents.
Animal Relief Fund
P.O. Box 124          Downieville, CA 95936         (530) 289-2720         sccaarf@gmail.com
Contact Info
Looking for ways to help?
Volunteer your skills and time.
We are looking for: 

People to join our Board of Directors
People to help deliver pet food
Individuals/groups/businesses willing to hold fundraisers
People to help at events
New and creative ideas
We can't do it without you! If you are interested, contact Rachel Guffin at 530-289-2720. We are looking for both east side and west side volunteers.